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MJ Carpet Cleaning- Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Expert cleaners from MJ Carpet Cleaning can make your commercial carpets in Des Moines Iowa look brand new again

Commercial floors see a lot of action in the run of a week. If your business has carpets, they will end up accumulating a lot of dirt and debris. Not only will this wear out the appearance of the carpets over time, but it will also make for an unhealthy and unsanitary work environment.


MJ Carpet Cleaning is one of the leading carpet cleaning companies in Des Moines IA. Our cleaners understand that commercial carpets need a different level of care than the carpets in our residential homes. That’s why we offer multiple solutions to make sure the carpets at your business get cleaned the right way.

MJ Carpet Cleaning wants to keep your employees happy

When your employees are happy, they will keep your customers happy (and coming back). One of the most essential things for making sure your employees are happy is that they are physically comfortable in their surroundings. If an employee has to work in a dirty office with a funky odor, they won’t be in the right mindset to deliver their best performance.

MJ Carpet Cleaning values the importance of a clean carpet. A dirty carpet isn’t just an eye-sore, it can also trap a lot of allergens and bacteria. The more you allow dirt to accumulate, the worse it will get. This is why we recommend contacting us at  MJ Carpet Cleaning to inquire about getting regular commercial carpet cleaning services.

MJ Carpet Cleaning wants your company to make a good impression

When a customer or client sets foot into your business, they take in a lot. You only have one chance to make a good first impression with new clients, so if your business isn’t clean they may not take your services seriously. However, when a new customer sets foot in a freshly cleaned business, they have a better impression of the company. This is because a freshly cleaned carpet looks great and smells fresh. These little details stand out to people that visit your commercial property.

What to expect with MJ Carpet Cleaning

Our professional cleaners will come to your commercial building prepared to restore your carpets to like-new condition again. We use the best-rated equipment in the industry and work with high-quality biodegradable solutions. This allows us to safely get your commercial carpets in Des Moines cleaned and ready for business.


MJ Carpet Cleaning solutions penetrate deep down into the carpet’s fibers, allowing us to lift all the dirt and grime that is buried below the surface. This way there will be no allergens, bacteria, or other nasty stuff left behind.


Timing is important as well. We don’t want to get in the way of your operations, so we will arrange the best time for your business to get the carpets cleaned. This way, your employees can do their job and we won’t get in your customers’ way.

For more information on arranging MJ Carpet Cleaning to service your business, give us a call at 515-518-9378 or send us a message at mjcarpet24.7@gmail.com .