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MJ Carpet Cleaning- Pet Urine Removal

The #1 carpet cleaning service in Des Moines IA. We’re the only team that can fully remove any messes on your carpets that your pets leave behind.

For a lot of homeowners in Des Moines, their home just isn’t a home unless there is a pet. There’s no denying that the team at MJ Carpet Cleaning loves their furry friends. We love them so much that we can’t stay mad at them for using our carpets as a toilet. When one of our pets has an accident indoors, we know what steps to take to make the carpet look new again.


If you’re a pet owner, you likely know all too well about pet urine and other pet stains. When a cat has an upset stomach, it will always find the nearest carpet to vomit on. If you had to stay late at the office or got stuck in traffic, there’s always the risk of your dog having an accident on your area rug. While we love our pets, we could do without the messes they leave behind. The team at MJ Carpet Cleaning provides a quality pet stain and odor removal service to clean up pet messes and leave you with a freshly cleaned carpet.

Best pet stain and odor removal services in Des Moines

Your cats and dogs complete your home. However, their habits mean that your carpet needs more attention. This is especially true if the pet has had an accident indoors. Between indoor accidents and dirty paws, your carpets see a lot in the run of a day. That is why you need a trusted carpet and upholstery service to get the job done right.


At MJ Carpet Cleaning, we’re no strangers to pet messes. That is why we will show up at your door with the right products and equipment to remove those pet stains. Even old pet stains are no match for the carpet cleaners from MJ Carpet Cleaning. We will leave your carpets fresh, clean, and smelling their best.


The difference between an MJ Carpet Cleaning job and the other guys is that we don’t just clean the surface. We put the time in and do a deep clean of your carpets and upholstery to ensure everything gets done properly. If you have a pet, your carpets will need a bit of extra care, and our cleaners will always take the time to make sure your carpets get a thorough clean.

Why choose MJ Carpet Cleaning for pet stain and odor removal

Cleaning up pet messes isn’t the same as cleaning spilled milk. Most homeowners are not prepared to thoroughly clean a mess left behind by their pet. Even if they clean up the surface, there will likely be a stain left behind. That is where MJ Carpet Cleaning can come in to help.


Our carpet cleaners always show up prepared for the job. We will arrive with the best products and equipment in the industry. We have specialized solutions that are specific for pet urine and pet odors. On top of giving your carpets a thorough clean, we will also specially treat these target areas.


Not only will be removing the pet stains, but we will also be able to do a deep clean and remove dirt, dust, and debris that your vacuum has left behind. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how clean your carpets are after MJ Carpet Cleaning has been at your home.

Keep pet messes off of your carpet

If you have pets at home, dealing with messes is inevitable. Even if your pets don’t go to the bathroom or vomit on your carpets, they are still leaving other messes behind. This is why MJ Carpet Cleaning strongly recommends that all pet owners have their carpets professionally cleaned twice a year.


We want you to love the environment you live in, which is why MJ Carpet Cleaning goes above and beyond to make sure we leave our customers with the cleanest carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Our carpet cleaners aim to go deeper into your carpets to remove all traces of bacteria and dirt. This way, there will be no unpleasant pet odors left behind.


One problem a lot of pet owners run into when they try to clean a pet urine stain themselves is that the pet will continue to go back to that spot time and time again. This problem spot needs very special attention. The carpet cleaners from MJ Carpet Cleaning will give these areas a thorough clean with industry-grade cleaning products that you can’t find at your local department stores. This way, the odor and stain will be fully removed leaving no traces behind. You’ll no longer have to worry about keeping your pet away from that specific spot.

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If you’re a pet owner, MJ Carpet Cleaning has everything needed to give your carpets and upholstery a professional clean. To learn more about our pet stain and odor removal services, give us a call at 515-518-9378 or send us a message at mjcarpet24.7@gmail.com .